When to visit

Goa’s tourist seasons are dictated primarily by the weather. Though season starts around October every year, the most popular months are November onwards to March, after which follows the sultry summer and the extended monsoon season. Goa’s tropical climate experiences a period of heat in October after the monsoon showers have died down, and only starts cooling down again in November.

Peak season is when Goa is the most busy on it’s feet, with lots to do and see. Being the Christmas season, the state is alive with events, parties and all kinds of pomp and show. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful holiday, it’s a smarter choice to come in the month of October when the season is just starting up.  You will have Goa to yourself, though you might find yourself without too many options.

The summer months of April and May and when the state records its highest temperatures and tourists start dwindling again. Everything starts closing up in anticipation of next season that is four months and a whole lot of rain later.  Closer to the monsoons, the seas get choppier and more dangerous and hence swimming is not possible anymore as the under currents of the sea gain in strength as it inches closer to June.

Off-season is the monsoon months of June to September, when Goa is at it’s most languid, but also at it’s most beautiful. Even though the sea is off limits, we still get tourists from around india, who come to experience the glory of the rains. Covered in a shroud of greenery, Goa’s landscape transforms with vibrant hues of green, blue and grey. The tourist belt is quiet during this time, but there is still much to do in terms of sight seeing and visiting local haunts that don’t get your attention during peak season. Also, prices dive during the off season making Goa a great bargain holiday destination.